The MEEF School was born amidst the turmoil of the Naxal movement.

It was a practical and deeply felt response to the multifarious problems of the people in Narsapur village and the surrounding area in rural Telangana, India. The  vision is to help development by focusing on the community’s strengths and organized self-help.

Since then, the government has swung into action and there are now good residential schools around that we have helped the kids transition to.

The school is set in a 40 acre organic farm, and we have afforested large parts of it, and created bunds and checkdams to manage water better. The bird life this has brought into the farm is a delight in itself.

The area is ancient – with Panadava era caves, again also connected to stories of the recent turmoil around there. There is also the Ramappa temple from the Kakatiya times, situated next to the massive Ramappa lake.

We promise you a taste of Telanaga, with stories and history from across millenia.